Interesting facts about Greece

wedding traditions

13 curious wedding traditions from around the world

Weddings are one of the most dreamed events for some couples. It is amazing how each culture, country, religion has different types of organization and also wedding traditions, today we will tell you about the different rituals that are made in this event that many couples dream about and that...

places to travel in summer

TOP 13 places to travel in summer | Enjoy your vacation

Summer is here! The best time of year for travelers arrives. At last, we are going to enjoy the sun, and this generates a lot of emotion. With the summer your holidays arrive, and it is the moment for you to make those trips of enchantment that you have dreamed...

Greece and the origin of the Marathon

Greece and the origin of the Marathon | Know the history

Italy and Greece are the cradles and the origin of many of the elements that make up Western culture. Among them are the Olympic Games, but also less ambitious events, such as the 42,195-meter race that is world-famous today. Marathon. But do you know the origin of the Marathon? The...